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Prototype Game Free Download Highly Compressed Full Version

Prototype Torrent Game

The Prototype Torrent is an open surrounding action-adventure video game. It is introduced by ‘Radical entertainment.’ You can play it on Microsoft Windows, play station 3, X Box 360, and X Box One ad on PlayStation 4. The story also revolves around a character named Alex Mercer. He is a shapeshifter and has to stop a war of backlight. As it is the war of hideous dreadful monsters. Here fights between the US force and the black watch.

You have to play the game as giving the freedom of your players to wander the Manhattan. Black watch agencies actively fought a biological and nuclear war. They generate lethal weapons to fight with Alex. They also use some kind of poisonous virus that gradually will kill Alex. If Alex gathers genetic material, he will get more points. The sector of the city is divided into three sections. They are also in the blue area, red area, and purple area. The blue area is under the observation of the forces and there is no threat of any infection. The red area also has force control, but there is a high threat of infection. In the purple area, the threat of infection and the presence of forces are the same.

Alexander sends some scientists to search for Alex. Alex ran, but he was discovered, and forces attacked him. He tries to save himself from the attacks on his chest. He suddenly remembers that he can shift his body. Here he lost his memories. Another captain named Robert Cross ordered to find and brought Alex. Alex went to his sister for help and she sends him to his ex-girlfriend. Alex gets serious injuries in this fight and finds shelter at Dr. Ronald’s house.

Why do people like to play Prototype?

  • The superior power of Alex is to covert shapes. He can easily shift his body into anyone.
  • He can absorb others’ characters in him completely.
  • In this way, he can also rapidly get back his health when he absorbs the biomass of his enemies.
  • As he absorbs the character, he can easily visit his opponents as being one of them.
  • Alex has unbelievable physical power and can murder humans within one pitch.
  • He can also throw several melee invasions on his opponents without changing his shape.
  • Your player can also change his parts of the body into several martial enforces.
  • He has strong blade arms, quick razor-sharp claws, and a telescoping whip fist.
  • Its defensive choices are of a big layer on his left arm to stop the attacks.
  • When he uses his arm to save himself, his arm can also damage. But he can recreate his arm’s health and fight with it.

Prototype For PC

Pros of Prototype:

  • The ‘Vision mode’ has thermal displays in the gameplay. This vision supports him to see his opponents through smoke and hinders. These modes also provide support to his hearing sense.
  • Alex can also use the weapons that he gets from his opponents when he murders or beat them. They are of machines, guns, riffles, missiles, grenades, and many others.
  • He can so control their helicopter and tanks, etc.
  • To wander in the city, he used his regenerated physical health.
  • In spring, he can directly and easily jump over the high obstacles.
  • He can cover long distances with the fastest speed, such as five-story buildings and many others.
  • If he falls, he will not take any injury, rather the place can have a dent when jumped.
  • When he jumped at the highest buildings, dents are high, cars fly and some people also lost their lives.
  • The enemies are also infected in the gameplay. They are local citizens infected by a virus. But Alex has no fear of this virus.
  • Bit the hunter, a heavy creature produced from the infected water towers are dread for Alex. They are the most powerful opponents of Alex.
  • Evolved hunter is the commander of these dreadful creatures. They are so powerful as Alex can not murder them easily.
  • The military force has local soldiers in its unit. Alex can easily kill them and has no fear of them.
  • But this infected creature generates lethal weapons. As tanks, loaded helicopters are a threat full for Alex.


  • The people do not like their character creation methods.

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