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God Of War 4 Highly Compressed PC GameĀ 

God Of War 4 PC Game

God Of War 4 For PC is an action-adventure video game. It is introduced by the ‘Santa Monica Studio’. God Of War 4 is the 8th edition of the God Of War 4 series. The gameplay has happened in ‘Norse mythology. This game also has two main heroes, Kratos and his son Atreus. Kratos is known as the old Greek God of war. He is the only playable character. But you can also handle his son in the gameplay. After the death of Krato’s second wife, and Atreus’ real mother, both travel to fulfill her request. Her request was to throw her ashes at the top of the nine realms. The whole gameplay was completed in one shot with no camera cuts.

Kratos’s secret from his son is that he has a divine nature. When they are in traveling, they face monsters and gods of the Norse world. You can play this game on PlayStation 4. The gameplay also depends on the single player. You can also find role-playing video game components. Atreus perform as a helper in the fighting. The whole gameplay is completely reachable and grounded. The experience points help you to know about new fighting abilities. Your opponents show meters on their heads.

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One meter shows the health, which has the color to display your enemies’ trouble. The other meter comes for stun. If you fill the stun meter, you can defeat your tough foes. Filling the stun meter, your player can throw his enemies away. If Kratos needs help, he will look at his opponents and click on the button. Atreus will also shoot arrows at his opponents. When there is a considerable strength of opponents, Atreus will change the attention of the weaker enemy, meanwhile, Kratos will fight the stronger one.

When Kratos and Atreus are sent out on travel, they face a mysterious man. This man has the abilities of God-like strength. Kratos murdered him invisibly. They both faced many dangerous enemies with supernatural abilities. Their next journey is also blocked. Freya and Mimir alert Kratos to inform his son about his real nature. After some time, Kratos comes back to his home to unearth his old equipment. Kratos informed his son that he is a god. To know this, Atreus become proud and killed a weakened Modi. But Kratos said him not to do this. God Of War 4 Torrent Free Download here.

Why do people like to play it?

  • Your player can free the captive who was shifted to dragons.
  • The ‘Hrazlyer’ fighting is known as a story-based boss fighting.
  • The left tab of the game displays the complete detail about Kratos. As his health and all his weapons, etc.
  • The right tab also displays detail about the ‘Arteus’ song of Kratos.
  • The player can throw a battle-ax at the opponents and then it will come back in his hands also. You can also throw it at the surrounding items to decrease the threat of damage.
  • The ‘blade of chaos’ consists of fire tool magic.
  • The ‘rage’ technique supports Kratos to attack his enemies without any equipment.
  • The ‘hack silver is also a major currency to buy new objects.

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What are the new updates?

  • The new gaming updates have a short text-based game and also a call from the wilds.
  • Now, traveling on a boat comes as a replacement for the swimming function.
  • To jump, jumping only at specific places comes the replacement of jumping freely at any time.
  • Now the developing team completely redesigns the gameplay.
  • Now the Kratos will use his super battle-ax, instead of double-chained blades.
  • ‘Guardian shield’ is a piece of new equipment that comes for the Kratos’ help. When this weapon is not in use, it will look folded. You can also use this shield to attack your enemies and also to save yourself from the enemies.


  • People like its environment structure, art direction, music system, graphics, characters, and fighting system.
  • You can also play it from the third-person point of view.
  • You can also use its ‘over the shoulder-free camera
  • The game also comes in a consistent shot, without any camera cuts and loading screens.
  • Your player can open its quick journey function through the proceeding of the gameplay.


  • Some people criticize Atreu’s behavior halfway through the gameplay.

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