Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full PC Game Torrent Download Free

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Download Full PC Game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Download Full PC Game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent PC Game is a survival video game which is developed by Frictional Games. In this adventure game, you can play in a single-player mode. You can use various objects of physical interaction. You can play this game by solving different puzzles.

These puzzles will consist of physics-based fixing machinery and opening doors can handle the small items by using menus of inventory. But for larger objects, you can also use a mouse to push or also for this game through the nightmare a game can be discovered. With the simulated physical world, you can use 3D graphics and a dynamic sound system.

Why do people like to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent For PC?

  • In this game, you can use your wits for the defense of running and hiding.
  • It also gives you visual and audio cues to imagine the very carnival of horrors.
  • This game you can also play without any weapons, you can win your missions without fighting.
  • There are only puzzles which you can easily solve with more interest.
  • You can also enhance your creativity and also the power of imagination with this game.
  • Players can fulfill their objectives and goal to win the mission.
  • With the physics engine, you can explore different things from your environment and also make new elements from this game.
  • You can control your psychological power through this game and you can play this game around the darkroom and also crappy graphics.
  • With it, you can the first-hand experience.
  • This game is not only for specific players but also casual people can play this game.
  • With that, you can go using safe mode and you can also easily undersea horror.s
  • You can use the combat system.
  • ¬†Through this game, you can explore internal horror systematically and can also learn how to overcome horror.
  • ¬†With this adventure game, you can get information about different places and locations.
  • You can also get knowledge of the different cultures, traditions.
  • With that, you can enhance your competition level.
  • This game can be played from simple elements to more complex elements.
  • This is a virtual-reality based game.
  • You can easily learn about real-world problems.
  • With a realistic gesture, you can manipulate your objects.

Features Of Amnesia: The Dark Descent Torrent:

  • Multiple solutions can be solved with puzzles.
  • With the use of a map, you can reach complex places and can make your adventure more memorable.
  • You can also hide different monsters to play with.
  • With the product of ships with all the relevant accessories and you can arrive in a generic box.
  • This is an exploration-based adventure game from a first-person perspective.
  • What you get in this game will get you by performing it.
  • When you start to lose your sanity, you start to see things, to know that they are real or are imagination-based.
  • It has an amazing sound.
  • Dark descent has an attractive atmosphere.
  • The ability to pick up and move a good amount of things in environments greatly executed.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent For PC


  • The main advantages of this game are crapping, puzzling, and also adventuring yourself with fear.
  • Players can also perform balancing acts.
  • Through this game, you cannot touch even a single gun.
  • This game can include an interface similar to a valves hammer.
  • There is full freedom to play.
  • It includes a creepy Lovecraft atmosphere and also monsters.
  • Old-fashioned adventure brainteasers and also a good mix of physics-based puzzles.
  • With it, you can also see the spooky visuals.
  • You can allow for greater immersion.
  • It is an action-based game.
  • Horror shows sound effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • You can also handle everything with a good old point and click mechanics.
  • At times, you do things like stack boxes.


  • This game has different endings and each one is triggered by a specific course of action.
  • This game keeps you alert, you spend each moment in tension what will next happen which keeps your brain on edge.
  • There are some rules and regulations you must complete your game in maximum time.


This is a horror video game which totally consists of adventures. You can also play this game according to your skills, according to abilities. This game has an attractive graphic and art you also spend each moment exploring something.


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