Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Torrent Free Game For PC Download

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Prince Of Persia Warrior Within PC Full Version

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Torrent

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within PC Game is an action-adventure video game. It is introduced by the ‘Ubisoft.’ It runs on X Box, PlayStation 2, Game Cube, and Microsoft Windows. The prince of this game can steal the tools of his opponents. Prince Of Persia Warrior Within has a dimmer quality as compared to its precedent games. A Wiseman told the prince that who will free the ‘Sands of Time’ will die. Dahaka is the protector of the timeline. Prince faces a fight with his foes at the sea. The leader of that opposing force is a secretive woman. After this fight, the prince unknowingly washes the ashore onto the island of Time.

The prince secure ‘Kaileena” life from a woman in black called ‘Shahdee’. ‘Kaleena’ informs the prince about the method to open the way to the throne room. In this room ‘Empress of time’ lives. The prince travels through the fortress, through the soil gateways. He also uses two towers of a fortress for the locks to the door. They are of ‘The garden tower’, and ‘the mechanical tower.’ He went to the throne room to know that rather Kaleena is really the empress of time herself. There, he also had to face a fight with Kaleena. He killed her and went back to the present.

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Torrent Free Game For PC Download

After killing her, he was sure that he had changed his fate. But he was wrong in his sure thinking. Then he learns a magical artifact known as the ‘Mask of the Wraith.’ Again he fought with Kaleena and kills him. Here Daahaka comes to get the body of Kaleena from the prince. The prince also hears the voice of Wiseman again. He also says, ”your travel is not ending well, you cannot change your fate, no man can.” Prince Of Persia Warrior Within has two expected endings. The first is without the water Sword, and the second is with the Water Sword.

Why do people like to play it?

  1. You play this game being a prince in the war against Dahaka.
  2. A dreadful animal called ‘Dahaka’ haunted the prince throughout the game.

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within For PC

What are the new updates?

  • A leader and high definition edition of Prince Of Persia Warrior Within comes. It also comes on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3.
  • Now the prince can communicate with his opponents in several concluding moves.
  • He has a new sand strength, known as ‘circular wave.’ This strength knocks down all opponents and can also harm or destroy them.


  • It is an interesting game with standard character play.
  • The surrounding music according to the event is also loveable.
  • Prince Of Persia Warrior Within also has some fun in it.


  • People not like its tough curve flatlines.
  • It also has some technical problems for PS2, and the X Box.
  • The graphic structure of this game is old as compared to the modern and present games of this time.

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