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Need For Speed Underground 2 PC Full Game Free

Need For Speed Underground 2 PC Game

Need For Speed Underground 2 For PC is a multiple platform racing video game. It is the 8th edition in the “Need For Speed Underground 2” series. It is introduced by the ‘Electronic Arts’ in 2004. The game runs on Microsoft Windows, game boy advance, game cube, PlayStation 2, X Box, PlayStation portable, Nintendo Ds and mobile phones, etc. Brook Burk is the sound of Rachel Teller. Rachel Teller is also the instructor of your player in all games. The gameplay starts, when the player defeated Eddie’s street gang. The player is now known as the “effective and dominant” racer in the Olympic city.

When the final race completed, a bald man invited the player to become part of his team. The bald man is also a mysterious character in this whole game. He contacted the player on the video screen and said that he “is not taking no for an answer”. After this threat, the player suddenly disconnects the call. One night, the player’s friend named ‘Samantha’ called him for a part and said that the people are insisting to see him at this party. After six months, the player went to the Bayview with Rachel Taller’s car key, given by his friend.

Here, the player also faces several races before he gives the car to Rachel. From the money of insurance, the player bought his first vehicle. Now the player competes with the Wraith and won from them. The player also defeated a female Wraith member ‘Nikki Morris.’ This lady becomes the player’s team member, after the defeat in the URL event. Need For Speed Underground Torrent required windows are windows 7, 8, 2000, XP, and Windows 10.

Need For Speed Underground 2

Why people play it?

  1. The first reason to like it, it is a mysterious game somewhat. As there are secret shops and sudden challenges you to face.
  2. The cars in Need For Speed Underground 2 presented the most realistic view of real cars.
  3. The “explore” function in a big city called “bay view”.
  4. Now, the player can also create a local decal to make beautiful any type of carriage in the game.
  5. In Need For Speed Underground 2, the player also had to travel in the city for the searching of race competition.

What New Updates?

  • The newest released version of Need For Speed Underground 2 is 2.0.
  • New improvements also consist of widest customization, and new strategies to choose a race.
  • Circuit style, Knockout style, Sprint style, and Drifting comes with effective changes.
  • It also made better the performance on NVIDIA 6800 series cards working on high resolution.


  • It has online several player characteristics on PS2, PC, and X Box.
  • Its Pc edition also consists of several player LAN modes. With this LAN mode, you can also play several player games on the internet.


  • There are further crashing issues when you play the game on windows 98 and windows ME.

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Need For Speed Underground Torrent Full Game Pc Download

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