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Metro Exodus PC Game Free Full Highly Compressed

Metro Exodus For PC

Metro Exodus For PC is a video shooter game. It is introduced by the ‘4A Game.’ Metro Exodus is the third edition in the Metro video game series. The game runs on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, X Box One, and Google Stadia. The gameplay is concerned with survival fear and surreptitiousness features. The player handles the new hazards and gets involved in the fight. This fight is against the changed creature and aggressive humans. The player exercises the handmade tools. He can also make use of them with the creating setup.

Metro Exodus Torrent has a combination of linear stages and sandbox surroundings. There is a lively weather setup. It has a day and night changes system. As the story proceeds, the weather system alternate according to it. The story happens, when the earth destroyed by a nuclear war. When the game starts, it is a severe nuclear winter in the Metro. There was another protagonist character in this story. Her name is Anna, and she is Artyom’s wife. Her father’s name is ‘Miller’, and he is the front-runner of Artyom’s wife.

Metro Exodus Torrent Game Free Download Here

Artyom gets tired due to this continuous corruption. After this, he left the Spartan order. He then gripped that there are human stayers outside Moscow. According to him, they are hazardous for the surface. He and Anna try to follow the train running on the surface. But soon, Hansa police with a group of people arrested them. The Hansa police killed the Artom. But he was alive and tried to save Anna. In this fight, the communication sources in and out the Moscow devastated.

The Spartan Order comes again to take over the control. But he was surprised to see the Artom and Anna. They know that if Hansa knows the reality, he will kill all of them. Miller realizes that he could save himself if he left Moscow. Here, outside the city, he tells the masses that Russian cities will be destroyed. The Russian leadership tried to save Moscow from other attacks. As there was another battle, Artyom and Spartans tried to save themselves. But, Miller stunned to know that the Russian administration will not take shelter him in Yamantau. They worried about how to save themselves.

Why do people like to play it?

  • It is the main story of Artyom and his team, who tries to find a safe place to live in. They want to start a society and snip practical train, called Arora. But that area was surrounded by the alien world. In this area, there are also some deadly areas and spots.
  • You can play it from the first-person point of view.
  • Through a map help, they are hopeful to reach a Satellite to find a place to live.
  • Spartans take water and petroleum from the local map.
  • In the surviving travel, Anna begins to cough blood.
  • Artyom fate base on the player selection along with the travel.
  • If you good choices Artom will alive, otherwise he will die.
  • You can also choose the Spartan order as controlling management.
  • Several parts, as like the Port Guarded permit you to stick to the glooms.
  • You can also select special icons to dodge the fight.
  • The gameplay is also extremely simple and easy to understand. It does not need previous games’ knowledge.
  • There is a complete description of all its sections.
  • Before playing, you can also easily learn about a different character. After knowing them, you can choose them according to your taste.

Metro Exodus Torrent Game

What are the new updates?

You can know about the new updates, as they are below:

  • There is a new option of game plus mode.
  • It also has the modern function of ‘Green tape player.’
  • The new updates solve all previous problems of players.

Pros of Metro Exodus:

  • People like it’s characters very much.
  • They also love their weapon’s selections.
  • It is beautiful structure gameplay on X Box One X.
  • The instants where a player request for their life is also awesome.
  • You can also select rifles, guns, pistol, and several others according to your needs.
  • The surrounding setup is also incredible. It is snowy, desert areas, and other changeable environments. They changed according to the situation.


  • There are no display functions.

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