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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Highly CompressedEpic Battle Fantasy 5 for PC

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 For PC is an RPG adventurer video game. There are more than 170 verified opponents for the battle. Epic Battle Fantasy 5 has distinctive fighting characteristics and settings of invasion. When you start playing this game, you have just some skills. You can know more about its gameplay as the game proceeds. Your player can also reach higher stages to boost up their power. As fireball option is upgraded to the firestorm. In this way, now you target a region of result on one aim. It will give great destruction, powerful results, and big chances to apply them.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 offers you the ability to combine two techniques into a single slot. It is the 5th installment in the Epic Battle Fantasy gaming series. The main story of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 starts when Matt completed playing the game. At this time a meteor attacks the Earth. Within this week, for the first time, he went outside of his home to know about this happening. He quarrels with NoLegs when he knows that the cat was trying to steal his discarded matter. When they were quarreling, they saw that a cosmic Monolith is going to hit the earth.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Free Download Game For PC Here

They rob a shovel, and due to this stealing, Natalie faces and competes with them. After the fight, she becomes a member of the team. She said to join her as a bodyguard of her. In this way, she asks them to help her to investigate the Cosmic Monoliths. For this, they decided to go to Southern Island to search for it. To go there, they need a boat to cross the river. From the Ice cave, they went to ‘No man’s land’. Here Lance captures Natalie. Anna becomes a member of them to release Natalie.

This team went an ax through Anna’s home and tries to enter the Mystic Woods. When they enter the ‘Mystic woods’, they get the Leafy Boots and Stepladder. The team went to the Rainbow River, they have to gather a package of stone heads to go next. After collecting them, they went to the frozen valley. Here, the team comes to know about the player that is handling them. Before they are devasted, it addresses the Devourer, the head boss. The Devourer told them that this team destructed its simulated earth.

Why do people like to play Epic Battle Fantasy 5?

  • There are dialogues, technical fighting, and a lot of treasure hunting.
  • You can find more than 120 strategic techniques and several fighting tools.
  • You can also arrest your opponents as a Pokmon.
  • Even, you can also address your fighting.
  • The skill levels have several specific invasions and characteristics that you can select. Furthermore, you can also change them whenever you like.
  • Matt has 12 different strategies, divided into two stages.
  • The ‘Bushido’, is the sword battle characteristic.
  • The ‘Special’, consist of the other fault’s spells.
  • Natalie has more than 14 strategic abilities, divided into three stages.
  • The ‘White magic’, has therapeutic characteristics, like the Holy-elemental technique.
  • The ‘Black magic’, offers you several dreadful attacks.
  • The ‘Summons’, offers you the ability to address special creatures to assist them.
  • The ‘Skill bonuses’, boost up some strategies for all time. You can easily choose them after some waves.
  • This game is completed through stages and character progress.
  • The Devourer removes the world to destroy this team. But, this team is much stronger, and they can remove all destruction.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Torrent Game

What are the new updates in Epic Battle Fantasy 5?

  • The new updates consist of a new playable character. This new character is known as ‘NoLegs’, and he has unique qualities.
  • When you progressed through the gameplay, you can also change your focus.
  • Now, the gameplay consists of better weather situations and a cool-down setup.
  • The complete gameplay now consumes 30 hours to finish it.
  • There are also new packages of selective threats and difficult stages.
  • Causal and hardcore RPG players can enjoy its gameplay more than other users.
  • The new ‘Capture Foe’, supports you to toss a box at your opponents.
  • Now the upgraded maps have a description of more than one region.


  • Epic Battle Fantasy 5 offers you a free-to-play web edition.


  • Many players reach invasion stages that have no attacking items.

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