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BATTLEFIELD V Highly Compressed PC Game Full


BATTLEFIELD V Torrent is a battling and shooting video game. The game is introduced by the ‘EA DICE.’ It is the 6th edition in the BATTLEFIELD series. This game comes for the Microsoft windows Play station 4, and X Box One. It is the revival of World War ll. Its themes revolve around World War l. Billy is the son of a well-known bank burglar. Billy is also a back burglar and joined the army in 1942. He became the soldier of the British army so that he could save himself from jail.

But, here he faces numerous problems. Billy and Mason assigned to North Africa. Their officers sent them there to damage the German airport. But Billy’s missile fails, and he faced Mason’s anger. Mason said him to take an anti-aircraft to abolish the last plane. They both stole a German wagon and went to the second airfield. But, due to the Mason injuries, Billy alone went there. He alone can easily demolish the stuff, but he gets medical help for his friend.

Billy uses radio to appeal to HMS for removal. When he demolishes the radar station, he went to told Mason. He got angry that why he used the radio to call for help. According to him, Germans can know about their location. And he was also right in this threat full doubt. A huge German army started to follow them. They hide in some shells. Billy was most fearful and he planned to save themselves.

Both friends fought with an army with their full force. Finally, they save themselves and went to their next operation. Another character is known as ‘Norway’. He is a British commando and a German soldier killed him in battle. Astrid is a Norweigan battler, arrested by German. His daughter tries to help her father, but he is not ready to leave from his space. He said that he will demolish the ability that is creating huge water for the German nuclear tool’s research. In their trial, a large truck of water pushes them.

Why do people like to play BATTLEFIELD 5 Torrent?

The gameplay aims at party-based tools.

  • Astrid’s daughter tries to save him from the soldiers, as they are going to arrest him.
  • She throws him off the bridge.
  • He saved himself from injuries and was alive.
  • His daughter fought and demolish all their trucks.
  • But suddenly, German soldiers capture Astrid and load much water in their boat.
  • Astrid gets a grenade and stole it. He throws this grenade upon the soldiers and destroys the boat.
  • But he himself was also no leftover there and died.
  • An old Deme has proud of his work. He declares that he did not care what happens. Whatever he did, no one can forget it.
  • ‘The Grand actions’, is an expansion of the actions. This function supports you to get a suitable place for the campaign in the battle. In this function, every stage has special focuses.
  • BATTLEFIELD V Torrent Game

What are the new Updates?

  • The new company procedure helps you to modify your player. With this procedure, your players can easily generate several characters. These characters have several cosmetic and equipment choices.
  • If your player will get in play aims, he would be awarded money and cosmetic tools.
  • Now, it also has several player modes in its gameplay.
  • The game has 64 playable characters that you can choose. These players are divided into more than 16 groups as a work team.


  • You can play it from the first-person point of view.
  • The graphical structure of BATTLEFIELD V is outstanding.
  • The destruction in this game is really looking.
  • When there are bomb attacks there is also snow distorts outside the blast.
  • The weapon selection is incredible.
  • It is also better than Battlefield 1 in gunplay.
  • BATTLEFIELD V has an appreciate bale teamwork in whole the game.
  • In ‘Cooperative function’, your four players can participate in the war to get their missions together.
  • The ‘Battle Royale function’, comes across the central supports of devastation. It is also can be created of team play and Lorries.


  • The vehicles are not good at this game.
  • Even they can do nothing if there is an airplane.
  • Two-color grading is also not much pleasant.

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